Totem® ST5

Totem® ST5

The ST5 is a small, low cost, battery operated, portable ticketing solution. The machine is fast and simple to use. It produces instant waybills that cash up at the end of every shift. It is fully weatherproof because it has been designed for outdoor use.
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  • Small size so it is easy to manoeuvre
  • Lightweight so there is reduced risk of injuries at work
  • Carry strap so operator’s hands are free
  • Long battery life so no down time during shifts
  • Limited features so the purchase price is kept low
  • Hot Keys so that tickets can be found quickly
  • Limited ticket types so it is easy to use
  • Single user accounts so shift handover is quick and easy
  • Interchangeable currency symbol so the machines can work abroad

Ticketing Features

  • Time / Date setting
  • Manager Spot Checks
Dimensions H 225 x D 115 x W 175 (mm)
Weight 1.8 kg
Power Type 12v ac Ni-Cad Battery Pack
Battery Life 2,000 Tickets
Keys 6 Alpha– Numeric
LCD n/a
Connection Ports n/a
Trigger Key Press
User Accounts n/a
User Switch n/a
Ticket Types 8
Currencies £,plus one other
Payment Types 1

Carry Strap

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