Totem® Print Bunny

Totem® Print Bunny

The Print Bunny is a desktop ticketing solution that is low cost, fast and simple to use. The system does not require a PC to operate and yet it still offers essential revenue control and flexible on board software to suit your needs.
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  • Small footprint so kiosk space is maximised
  • Lightweight so it is transportable
  • Protective case accessory so it is safe in transit
  • Simple so that minimal training is required
  • PC transfer so data can be used for financial analysis
  • Cash drawer accessory so cash is safe
  • User accounts so staff can be reviewed
  • Simple features so that the cost is kept low

Ticketing Features

  • Time / Date setting
  • Manager Spot Checks
Dimensions H 38 x D 146 x W 150 (mm)
Weight 0.75 kg
Power Type 5v via Star TSP Printer
Battery Life n/a
Keys 12 Alpha - Numeric
LCD 16 x 2 Characters
Connection Ports RS232, RJ11
Trigger Key Press
User Accounts n/a
User Switch n/a
Ticket Types 10
Currencies £,$,€,plus one other
Payment Types 1

Standard Print-Bunny Pack Includes : Print-Bunny Command Pad (Ticketing Machine) Print-Bunny Ticket/Receipt Printer

Cash Drawer, Receipt/Ticket Stock,Wrist-Band Printer, and Thermal Wrist-Bands.