Totem® ST10

Totem® ST10

The ST10 is a portable ticketing machine that does not require a PC to operate. It offers managers revenue control in remote areas and security where it is difficult to monitor staff activity. It is a durable piece of kit that has been weatherproofed to protect the electronics and software inside.
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  • Small size so it is easy to manoeuvre
  • Lightweight so there is reduced risk of injuries at work
  • Carry strap allowing operator free hands to perform quicker
  • Long battery life so no down time during shifts
  • Hot Keys so that tickets can be found quickly
  • User accounts so staff can be reviewed
  • Quick user switch so shift handover is fast
  • Ample ticket types so the pricing can be done accurately

Ticketing Features

  • Voids
  • Refunds
  • Time / Date setting
  • Manager Spot Checks
Dimensions H 225 x D 115 x W 175 (mm)
Weight 2.5 kg
Power Type 12v ac Ni-Cad
Battery Life 1,500 Tickets
Keys 38 Alpha– Numeric
LCD 24 x 2 Character
Connection Ports n/a
Trigger Key Press
User Accounts n/a
User Switch n/a
Ticket Types 8 x 8 x+ 12
Currencies £,plus one other
Payment Types 1

Carry strap

ST5/ST10 Charger, Ticket Stock