Systems and Software

Software is a vital component of any ticketing or access control product.

Programming our ticket machines is very simple with the software that is supplied as standard with our simpler products or at additional cost for our system products.

Our simple machines like the Print-Bunny can even be programmed on the machine without any additional software.

All software products are normally P.C based starting with our configuration packages for portable & desktop units.

Reporting packages provide both revenue and statistics and our open platforms allow for the transfer of data to spreadsheets for further analysis.

Customers can look after their own systems however we will supply full system and software suport as an optional paid for service under our standard contracts.

Desktop machines except the Print-Bunny can interface with other components creating a network system.

Our TRACS (Ticketing Real-Time Access Control System) provides the link from our machines and any approved media to control turnstile gates and other access control devices.

This IP addressable product is very flexible and is available with a range of hardware based controllers to provide the man / machine interface. Power over ethernet adaptors mean that turnstiles can be both powered and controlled by means of a single CAT5 cable providing low cost installation and safety by means of low voltage DC power at the turnstile for specific models.